Day 30: Warsaw – Minsk – Lipki
September 15th 2018
Today is a great day. It's the last day of our trip! It's very-very sad that a journey that is so interesting is coming to an end. Had dinner in Modlin. Had a sleepless night just because of so many thoughts in our heads. We are trying to set a record for a fastest flight from Modlin to Minsk. The weather was alright once crossing the border, but the closer we were getting to Minsk the worse the weather was. Procedures and formalities in Minsk were not so bad because of the great people in the airport. The short leg of journey from Minsk to Lipki was probably the most nervous one. It was incredible. How we were met at home. Our friends, our moms and everyone who came to support us.

Thank you to everyone for these incredible 30 days!
Day 29: Berlin – Warsaw
September 14th 2018
Airport in Germany was 40km from Berlin. Very convenient, has fuel station, flight school, service center and a small café.

Got a rental car and went to Berlin to spend a night there. It was interesting to see how the city changed over the last 5 years we haven't been there. Were surprised to see a lot of Muslim people, Asians and people of other nationalities.

We flew to Warsaw mostly to see another round the world pilot – Marcin. He was flying a year ago on a helicopter and was also a contestant on our World Championship in Minsk.
Day 28: Wick – Berlin
September 13th 2018
Scotland surprised us with beautiful coastline, castles and incredible landscapes. We spent a night in a 15th century castle, which is about 10 minutes away from the airport. It's a 5-star hotel specialising in corporate and mass events. Compared to hotel in Greenland, this castle is cheap! Met some wonderful people – Adriana and Andrew. Guys are the owners of the FBO in Scotland. Andrew is an example of a guy who knows every tiny detail in his business. He is planning to cross the ocean sometime.

P.S.: You can also buy famous Scottish whiskey from them

Berlin was our next stop. We got there accidentally mostly due the shortest route to Belarus. We decided to cut through Germany, because we had too much of Northern countries and wanted some European touch. About 4 hours flight from Scotland to European mainland. Had great connection all the way along the coast.
Day 27: Reykjavik – Vagar – Wick
September 12th 2018
Had an interesting morning in Iceland. Met a girl from India who is flying round the world on an extra light airplane. There are two girls flying, but only one is flying over Atlantic due to limited weight capacity. Flight between Iceland and Faroe Islands took about 2 hours. Faroe Islands is an interesting place to be. We rented a car and went on exploring. Lots of waterfalls!

Did not have enough time to stay there. Had to take off to Scotland, Wick and we crossed the Atlantic Ocean!
Day 26: Narsarsuak – Reykjavik
September 11th 2018
Postponed our take off to 11am due to weather. Went to a museum instead. Were surprised by the historical representation from Greenland people. The believe that America was discovered by Vikings!

Time difference between Greenland and Iceland is 2 hours.

Changed our visual flight to instrumental due to bad weather conditions. Were flying over fjords and glaciers. Views were incredible!
Day 25: Goose Bay – Narsarsuak
September 10th 2018
Collected our dry suits for the Atlantic flight. This is a mandatory step for pilots flying over the Ocean. The weather seems to be good. Had another flight plan in the morning. Were planning to land in Canada and then in Greenland. But weather changed up our plans.

An interesting city Narsarsuak. The population is just 130 people with 30 kids. They have a school and a playground. They don't have any road connections to the Land. The city was established in 1941.

Vikings were also present here. Almost all local people are working in the airport or in the hotel nearby. The airport is having about 15-20 flights a day!
Day 24: Nashua – Bangor – Goose Bay
September 9th 2018
Met our friends from New York who came to Nashua to greet us and to wish luck. Sergey and Natasha are amateur pilots who are flying the USA, Canada and are dreaming of flying to Belarus. Flight to Bangor brings some sadness that we will have to leave this aviation heaven. Landed in Bangor for some fuel and border control. Flight from Bangor to Goose Bay seemed very long. Made a video to see how border between two countries looks from the air. Landscape is changing as well. From green forests we are transitioning into rocky places.

In Goose Bay interacted with Canadian border control officers. Stayed in a hotel overnight. Goose Bay is a comfortable place for pilots travelling over Atlantic.
Day 22 & 23: Nashua
September 7th and 8th 2018
Have spent the weekend resting and doing some work. Did some content editing. Were happy to see our families and relatives. Another thing to note: our plane has practically done its round the world trip. In 2017 when we bought the plane we decided to fly it to Minsk.

And of course, we did some plane checkups. Made sure we have fuel in Canada.
Day 21: Madison – Rochester – Nashua
September 6th 2018
Took off from Madison and flew over Michigan. Decided to cross into Canada to see Niagara Falls. After the Great Lakes landscape is more and more like ours in Belarus. Lots of green trees, lakes, forests.
Day 20: Page – Cheyenne – Madison
September 5th 2018
Had the longest leg since the start of our journey, about 2 202 kilometers. It's about 10 hours in the plane. This day was marked by 20 009 kilometers since the start and 100 hours in the air.

Were surprised by incredible sizes of Lake Powell. Very popular place for American, but not so popular for international tourists. Our second part of the journey was along the Colorado River. Incredible place. Were flying along very beautiful mountains somewhat like the Alps. Stopped in Cheyenne for lunch and decided to fly as far as we can today. Landed in Madison.
Day 19: Lake Tahoe – Yosemite – Page
September 4th 2018
Had an early start at 6am. Decided to take off early due to a short light day here.

A guy who was fuelling us said that he found our website and will follow us along our route.

Mariposa airfield is our next stop. Saw smoke on the way. Once landed saw a few fire helicopters. Apparently, there were multiple fires nearby.

Fire helicopter we saw was an army vehicle during Vietnam war. Pilots gave us a tour inside.
Day 18: Lake Tahoe
September 3rd 2018
Lake Tahoe is between two states: California and Nevada. Landed in Tahoe on Labor Day September 3rd. It's a National holiday here in States.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the USA. Tahoe is also a popular skiing resort in winter. Were looking for some activities to do. Rented a boat and went on exploring the place. Once we were done with boating we used Lime app to rent a bike. Biked 11 miles along the coast.
Day 17: Yellowstone – Lake Tahoe
September 2nd 2018
Had a morning walk around West Yellowstone town. Were not able to get in the park itself. The line at the entrance was huge at 9am. We didn't think about Labor Day traffic. Took off to Late Tahoe. The airport we took off from Yellowstone is 2000m above sea level. Had a feeling that our plane was overloaded, it was hard to take off and overall it felt different due to altitude. Were flying over the mountains. Not the best flight though. Had some turbulence on the way. Another interesting thing during this flight was that probably for the first time during our trip we were flying South-West, which means we had sun in our eyes all the time.

Some interesting facts about our flight:
  1. Flew over National Atomic Lab in Idaho
  2. Saw moon craters
  3. Saw how tornado had started
  4. Flew over army aviation training base
Day 16: Billings - Yellowstone
September 1st 2018
Had our yearly check up finished. Got our real time weather connected to the screen only on US territory. Landed in Yellowstone west, next to west entrance. Got a rental car via the Internet. Belorussian flag was hung over Yellowstone park.
Day 15: Billings
August 31st 2018
Have landed in Billings, Montana. Were met by Garry who is a local pilot. He also owns his aviation business. They are mainly a repair shop, doing work for Chinuks. Other services include fire and agriculture support, cargo transportation, vehicle renovation. Garry is an extraordinary man. He is not only a brilliant pilot, he is also a good businessman. His father was a pilot either flying in Alaska. Garry's daughter has taken up his love to the sky and flying all kinds of vehicles.

Our main problem in Billings was yearly plane check up, which was successfully resolved by Garry. Regularly, this whole process can taken up to 7 days. It's a long procedure that requires time, patience and diligence. Garry and his team was able to do everything in a day!!!

While our plane was taken care of we hopped in a Eurocopter and had a tour over the area. Saw bizons! And a bear! Landed on a farm. Were welcomed by an owner of the farm - Cali. He also had his own small aviation fleet. And guns! Lots of guns. In Montana almost every single person owns at least 20 guns.

Had dinner with Garry and Cali.
Day 14: Seattle - Billings
August 30th 2018
Museum is on the edge of Boeing Field. The museum is great, inspiring and quite different from other aviation museums. There are so many aviation exhibits. Interactive displays showing aviation history. Strongest Boeing exhibition.

Had a sightseeing tour in Seattle. Climbed up to the Seattle Tower. A lot of bays that Seattle stands on. About 70-80 miles to Pacific Ocean.

Have taken off from Seattle. After flying over the mountains for 30-40 minutes we saw a gorgeous valley. Farmers fields with circles all the way up to the horizon.
Day 13: Juneau - Ketchikan - Seattle
August 29th 2018
Were flying over lakes, rivers and channels in Alaska. Quite similar to fiords in Norway. Have taken off from Juneau and landed in Ketchikan. Saw whales on the way to Ketchikan, lots of whales. Alaska is the place for hydroplanes.

There are more pilot licenses in Alaska than driver licenses. Everyone is flying here.

Were flying over Canada. Just flying, no landing. Canada is like Southern Alaska with fiords and lakes.
Day 12: Nom - McKinley (Denali) - Talkeetna
August 28th 2018
Were looking for a breakfast place with ocean view. Today is special day. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner. Regularly, we only have dinner. Have landed in a great airport. It's an airport for tourist aircrafts going for Denali and glaciers. Everything is flying. Traffic is crazy.

Incredible beauty on the way. Falling in love with Alaska. It's getting more and more interesting every day.

A lot of glaciers and mountains!

Have taken off at 11am and landed at 9pm. Spent all day in the air.
Day 11: Anadyr - Providence Bay - Nom
August 28th 2018
Tried staying low to see all the beauty. Were flying along the see, put our life vests on.

Had a very very warm welcome from locals. Nothing happens over here, that's why we were bombarded with many questions. Spent about an hour or so in the airport doing paperwork. Called the American border control officer. He was angry that we didn't give him a notice in advance. Apologised and he agreed to give us permission to land. Apparently he is border control officer and customs officer all in one.

Huge difference between Russia and the USA. The work done in Russia by 6-7 people has the equivalent of 1-2 people in the US.

A few words about Nom. It's a small town. First thing that surprised us was the amount of drunk people in town. Even Nom is relatively small traffic is big. There is no traffic controller in Nom, there is just a radioinformer.

Another difference between Russia and the USA is the number of private jets. There were about 25 jets, cessnas and pipers. Aviation is doing great in Alaska.

Spent the rest of the night taking pictures with locals and having dinner.
Day 10: Magadan - Anadyr
August 27th 2018
The fastest leg so far, even though we had a front wind all the time. Had about 1cm of ice. Were not able to visit the city, due to an early flight in the morning. Stayed in the airfield facilities for the night.
Day 8 and 9: Magadan
August 25th and 26th 2018
Had to stay in Magadan for the weekend. Had a warm welcome from locals. Had a helicopter sightseeing tour, went to a memorial dedicated to victims of political repressions. Visited local food market. Surprisingly a lot of fruits for the area.
Day 7: Tynda - Ayan - Magadan
August 24th 2018
Planned departure time 08.00LT. Tynda airport was supposed to be closed on Friday (they are closed on weekends). Had to do some negotiation to get the airport open on a Saturday. It was a whole story about getting the airport team to work off time, when essentially we just needed one person. Don't really know how much it will cost us.

Tynda airport has its forecast data from Khabarovsk. That's why it was extremely difficult to get weather information. Visibility was somewhere below 100m due to a strong fog. Long conversations about whether to fly or stay in Tynda. No clear understanding of what to expect in our landing point in terms of weather. Anyways made a decision to depart. First half an hour or so was difficult. Had an interesting decent in Ayan. Were on 8000 feet when got a command to decent to 900 feet!! Circled a few times around the airport to get enough altitude for landing.

Ayan airport is the most extraordinary airport so far. It is in a very beautiful harbor. Old airport buidling, probably was built during Soviets.

Off to Magadan. Magadan airport is quite far away from the city. Probably due to constant fogs is Magadan, while airport is always clear.
Day 6: Irkutsk - Chita - Tynda
August 23rd 2018
Not a very good morning in Irkutsk airport. Fuel delivery was not allowed to the airport. Mixed up all the papers, names. Unprofessional air control was absolutely inappropriate in his words. Anyways... Off to our next point.

Cannot stop gazing over taiga beauty.
Surpringly many journalists and officials in Chita airport.
Very grateful to Aeroservice company. Gave us more fuel than planned. Considering our bad experience in Irkutsk it was very important to get enough fuel to Tynda.

Lots of gold mines on the way to Tynda. Gold extraction here is in inndustrial levels. Strong turbulence. No radio connection for almost two hours, were outside reach zone.

Airfield in Tynda is great! Warm welcome from locals, many thanks to Larisa Kasyan for fuel delivery. Managed to visit BAM museum.

Would like to say a few words about Lesha. He is a guy who took a day off from work to meet us. He is a train engineer and explained us beats and pieces about his work. I want to learn how to become a train engineer. So does Alex.
Day 5: Irkustsk
August 22nd 2018
Had a sightseeing tour in Irkutsk in the morning. Afternoon was spent in a traditional Russian banya (sauna) located by the Baikal Lake. Many thanks to our friend Maxim Devochking for the day!

Had a helicopter tour over Baikal. Birdie is resting in the airport.
Day 4: Novosibirsk - Krasnoyarsk - Bratsk - Irkutsk
August 21st 2018
Have started our next leg of journey from Mochische airfiled in Novosibirsk. Flight to Krasnoyarsk was wonderful: great weather, no complications, were able to straighten our route and fly on the height of 300m. Would really like to say a few words about AeroGeo company. The airfield owned by the company is truly the best place from equipment point of view, high level of innovation and professionalism. Great runway: no grass, great parking, wonderful taxiing, enormous amount of sophisticated mechanisms.

Our next leg was above Baikal Amur Mainline (BAM), which is an important industrial and historical point in the modern history for Soviet people. I have a special interest for this place; sometime in 80's my father was building the mainline. Have a lot of memories with this place! A big part of our flight was through taiga (massive established woodlands). What an incredible landscape!

Again a warm welcome in Bratsk. Had a small shooting for news channel. Now off to Irkutsk. The most interesting for today was when flying over Bratsk reservoir. A huge water storage created by separation of Angara river.
Day 3: Ufa - Omsk - Novosibirsk
August 20th 2018
We arrived to Pervushino in the evening, and didn't stand a desire to visit the glorious city of Ufa, despite of almost night time. We stood there for a night and had a pleasure from some city xenter sightseeing in the morning.

During the day we've got 5.5 hours in the sky, 640 nm passed distance, short landing in Omsk and finally reached Novosibirsk.
Day 2: Moscow - Bogorodsk - Ufa
August 19th 2018
Had a fun night in Ostafievo. Some technical issues made us stay in Moscow overnight to get our Birdie fixed. Many many thanks to a wonderful team of of Cessna service centre for a sleepless night spent fixing front landing gear.

Our next stop is Bogorodsk (close to Nizhny Novgorod). Beautiful landscape, perfect weather and a warm welcome from friends and colleagues. Had some time to visit Nizhny Novgorod. Volga river is incredibly beautiful!

What a wonderful welcome in Pervushino! The landing happened at 21:40 (an hour after sunset) with pitch black sky. Our friends lit up the runway with lights from two cars. What a welcome from 15 people!!
Day 1: Minsk - Mogilev - Moscow
August 18th 2018
Departure from Lipki airfield, 09:05 local time (06.05 UTS).
The start of our trip was not randomly chosen on August 18th. It was thoroughly planned to happen on the International Aviation Day. We would really like to dedicate out round-the-world adventure to all people flying.

First landing was in Mogilev. Quickly headed off to Moscow to Ostafievo International Airport. Met some relatives and friends who came all the way to the airport to greet us and congratulate on the start of our trip.