Started on August 18th, 2018 from Minsk, Belarus
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Day 30: Warsaw – Minsk
Today is a great day. It's the last day of our trip! It's very-very sad that a journey that is so interesting is coming to an end.
Day 29: Berlin – Warsaw
Modlin, Warsaw - is our final point before we come back to Belarus and finish our round-the-world trip!
Day 28: Wick – Berlin
Northern rocky shores of Scotland, warm and welcoming people, beautiful castles and even air itself, filled with history of centuries.
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Two pilots, one plane
and the whole World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly around the world? This flight is approximately 100 hours in the air and will take about a month. It includes several areas with extreme weather conditions and terrain, 10 countries and more than 40 takeoffs and landings.

Traveling across the Atlantic, Alaska and Chukotka in a light single-engine aircraft is a huge risk with high demands on the aircraft and crew. Therefore, the flight promises to be exciting and spectacular.
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Introduction and announce of Around-the-world flight!
Andrey Borisevich, head of SkyEagle Aviation Academy
Planned flight route
eastbound / north hemisphere
From Minsk to Minsk through the whole World along the northern ring. More than 100 hours in the sky with temperature changes from -15 ° to 38 ° and spectacular views that will be accessible to everyone
28,027 km
The flight route in an easterly direction along the northern ring at the maximum height 3 kilometers (10,000 feet)
4 weeks
Our departure will be on August 18th, 2018. The duration of the flight will be for approximately one month and will include more than 100 hours airborne
10 countries
Belarus, Russia, the USA (including Alaska), Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark (Faroe Islands), Great Britain, Norway, Sweden. More than 40 stops
About the plane
Cessna Skylane 182T - lightweight American general-purpose aircraft with one engine and four seats. One of the most mass produced aircraft in the history of aviation, it still ranks second among civil aircraft. Professional photography and editing, video, set organization will accompany the flight.
The prefix "Skylane" describes the important features of this model: a powerful engine and more capacious tanks, which will allow us to fly 1770 kilometers without refueling - and we will really need it in our trip
The Crew
Two experienced Belarusian pilots
Alexander Tsenter
Pilot in Command
A well-known Belarusian businessman and patron of arts, founder and owner of the group of companies "A-100", chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports. He is a private pilot rated in both airplanes and helicopters, he is an enthusiastic fan of aviation and a participant and organizer of aviation competitions. He organized the First World Helicopter Championships in the Republic of Belarus (July 2018).
Andrey Borisevich
Pilot and navigator
Aviation fan, traveler, pilot, head of SkyEagle Aviation Academy (USA), organizer of aviation travel around the world since 2013. He is an Airline transport pilot, has more than 3000 flight hours. He has plenty of experience flying airplanes and helicopters since 2006. He is also a FAA certified flight instructor.
Look and feel with us
Live broadcasts from aircraft and airports, take-offs and landings, and constant communication with the pilots including an interactive map with a tracker. Follow the flight every day on the website and on our social media.
of the first Belarusian round-the-world flight